Charity Work

As outlined in our Company Vision, we believe that every company across the globe should do their bit for charity, and actively promote this notion throughout our business.

With any purchased order from our clients, Lativio have included the option for customers to donate $1 to charity in the credit card processing page. As a result of this we have so far raised in excess $33,000 over a period of 2 years.
Currently 56.33% of our clients customers are choosing to donate and we are very proud of the support shown so far.

We also hope that our clients customers will continue to allow Lativio to donate on their behalf.
The example of businesses such as Microsoft and their Chairman Bill Gates, who donates more money to charity than most major countries in the world, has shown that business can have the biggest impact on charity.

Lativio believe that as the company grows, so too will the amount of charitable work that they can conduct. The initial $33,000 is just a small amount of the potential money that we can donate in the future.
Among the international charities which we contribute towards are; The American Red Cross, Shelter and Macmillan Cancer Research. We have also done some work with local charities and donated a large amount to the dialysis unit at a local hospital.

In addition to this, we are a member of the AIESEC Exchange Program. This is a charity operating in 83 countries around the world and was established to improve cultural understanding.

In the past Lativio have sponsored a staff member from abroad who would not normally have been able to come and work in the UK. This gave the individual an opportunity to improve their overall cultural understanding.
We want to nourish this scheme and will continue to organise Charity Events throughout the year, and ask all our employees to put forward a charity they feel is worthy of a sizable contribution. In this way our employees are able to directly contribute to a charity which has a special significance to them.
We also organise field trips to these charities so that everyone gets the chance to see how our donations will be used, and talk with representatives from the charity.

Our charitable donations and visits keep us involved with our chosen charities, and all the good that comes from them.